45 more minutes of Bonneville Drama!
The new Bonus Edition of Bonneville: Wide Open has almost double the footage of the film itself. Bonus Features include extended interviews with racers, candid out-takes, on-board-camera runs of Bob Lindstrom's roadster (including Ron Tezinsky's colorful post-run comments), discussions of driving issues and experiences on the Salt, and interesting and fun Bonneville Salt Flats stories. The main feature itself also has some technical improvements, including an access menu and chapterizing so you can go directly to the parts you want to replay. The new DVD is professionally produced and manufactured, with full-size case and color cover. The price is only $25 per copy (postpaid in the USA; plus sales tax in CA). So, if you'd like 105 minutes of Bonneville insights and entertainment, go to the Purchase page and click on the BuyNow button!
Bonus Edition Features
What others are saying about Bonneville: Wide Open:
"A quality film documenting Bonneville racing through the eyes of racers. All of the audience members, racers and non-racers alike enjoyed it."
Katie Young-Cortez, elementary school teacher and land speed racer
"What a great piece of work! Kudos to the film makers and
even bigger kudos to the cast! If it was up to me, all would get Oscars!"
Lawrence Mayfield, aerospace consultant
"Great stuff...well worth the $s, only complaint it was too short!!"
Joe Lance, retired rocket engineer and drag racer.
Now with Bonus Features you get an hour and 45 minutes of Bonneville Drama!